Welcome to the official website of RPG Distribution Services, Inc.

Brand Stewardship

Our top-of-class brand stewardship competency develops strategies and plans to holistically enhance every consumer experience, through various touchpoints. Revolutionizing and continuously innovating the purchasing experience of the market, our company takes a step further in partnering with our principals in realizing the vision and mission of the brands.

We pride ourselves in our retail operations, with a trade marketing lead that competently orchestrates display placement, inventory optimization, supply chain flow, customer service, account and channel maintenance as well as executes trade plans and product launches for individual products.

Sales and Key Account Management

Our highly-experienced sales and marketing specialists deliver end-to-end go-to-market strategies to maximize the potential of our brands in the marketplace. RPG is committed to providing timely and dynamic executions of marketing plans and sales programs, geared towards market share gains through strong trade partnerships and maximum distribution reach. Reinforcing our sales fundamentals throughout our daily tasks is the bed rock of our business.

New Business Development

RPG has a purposive new business roadmap in evaluating and analyzing new brands and products, ensuring that processes and procedures are continually evaluated and improved, with the end objective of delivering and surpassing expectations on turn-around time and data-information availability towards faster speed to market launch.

RPG’s in-house regulatory affairs officer, a licensed pharmacist, ensures that the company operates safely and ethically while all regulatory requirements of our brands are well managed and in compliance with appropriate legislation. Our principals and partners are assured that their products have been certified and approved for distribution in the Philippine market by the government regulatory body.

Our Supply Chain has the complete machinery that addresses an end to end order fulfillment processes from demand planning down to ensuring that the stock reaches the customers. We are also into customization that adds value to our services.

Our Supply Chain operation does not limit us to a scope within our group but also allows us to collaboratively work with other departments in the interest of the company.

Importation and Custom Clearance

The Rustan Group of Companies has more than 50 years of solid experience in sourcing high quality brands and products from every corner of the globe. This experience and know how ensure our partners of quick and reliable delivery of services in terms of global logistics, cargo insurances, customs clearance processing, global freight, and point-to-point pickup & delivery, in strict adherence and compliance to government policies and procedures. .